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  • Renee

COVID-19 Update

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to stop treating at this time and will be cancelling all massage appointments on a rolling basis. Following the news globally about COVID-19 and looking at the available data - this virus is clearly no joke.

Although neither the College of Massage Therapists of BC nor the government has directed RMTs to stop practice, I can't in good conscience continue to treat as the nature of massage does not allow for social distancing. I am not afraid of the virus nor do I believe you should be, but the contagious nature of the virus combined with the number of asymptomatic carriers means prevention is key.  (Besides, can I truly call myself a health care practitioner if I'm not always harping on prevention!?).

At the moment, all appointments until March 21st, 2020 will be cancelled and I will continue cancelling weekly. If you currently have an appointment booked, you will receive a cancellation email. No one is sure how this will play out, but when the situation seems right to resume treatment, I will update this website as well as notify patients. Hang tight, everyone!

I am still here and available if you want to discuss your treatments and self care in the meantime. Feel free to reach out - I am always happy to listen and help.

All the best,



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