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  • Renee

To the Ocean and to the Courts!

As the days get longer, the thoughts of ocean, sun, and frolicking outside are constant. I'm lucky that as an RMT, I am able to treat in different locations and take my work with me.

At the end of March, I will be at the U14 Juniors Nationals Tennis Tournament in Vancouver with my massage table providing sports massage to the athletes there. I have yet to work at a tennis tournament, so this will be a bit different, but I am looking forward to getting back to the competitive sport atmosphere.

Additionally, this summer, I will be out supporting the SixPack Race Series put on by South Island SUP. I had not previously known that there were stand up paddling races - I always assumed it was a leisurely activity. I was lucky enough to be able to take a small tour around Brentwood Bay with South Island Sup and it was fantastic! It was simple to get used to the gear and the feel of the water. We even paddled up to a tiny waterfall that day! I'm glad to have found another outdoor activity to do on top of hiking.

If you're interested, here is the schedule of events:

Race 1 - Saturday April 27, Thetis Lake.

Race 2 - Saturday May 25, Sidney Canadian National Championships

Race 3 - Saturday June 15, Tofino SUP Festival

Race 4 - Sunday June 16, Tofino SUP Festival

Race 5 - Saturday July 6, Victoria SUP Challenge

Race 6 - Saturday Sept 14, Thetis Lake

Have any ideas for future events or sports tournaments? Let me know and I can show up for your team!


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