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Ways to Move at Home

Looks like we might be in it for the long haul together (but apart). I don’t know when RMTs will resume treating, but in the mean time I thought I would pull together some resources that will help you carry on during this strange time we’re living in.

Physical distancing does not mean that you’re stuck indoors and on the couch. It also does not mean the rules stop applying when it comes to how we feed and treat our body. The temptation when you’re feeling stiff or in pain is to stop moving to guard whatever area is sore, but I am a huge believer in movement and finding something achievable to do. If you have more questions on adapting workouts or movements to your situation, let me know! I would be happy to make recommendations based on your case.

For those looking to get sweaty

Lucky for us Victoria is such an active place and there are many local companies and groups that have been offering free workouts online. Here are a few I’ve tried:

· Forge Training - Forge has fitness, boxing, kickboxing classes live on Zoom or videos you can follow along at any time on Youtube. You can find all their links here.

· SALT pilates and barre - I find these workouts super helpful for core and glute strength which are two of my weaknesses. Find their videos on Instagram @bootychurchbysalt. The name may make you giggle, but the workout is good stuff.

· November Project – Typically NP meets every Wednesday down by Beacon Hill Park, but now their body weight workouts (and enthusiasm) are also delivered by Zoom. You can check the Facebook group to get the link to the live meet up. With the online workouts you even get to sleep in a little bit as they run at 7 am on Wednesdays instead of the usual 6:29 am.

For those looking to practice movement

If you’ve been up to your eyeballs in workout videos already but need a change of pace, try the following. These suggestions focus more on building movement variety and capacity vs getting in cardio work.

· MovNat – goes through a wide range of motions we have the ability to do, but we don't do often in modern life. I'd recommend signing up for free weekly practice sessions emailed to you so you can get a taste of it. They're short and simple to do at home.

· Foundation Training – especially great if you have low back pain. Focuses on strength of your posterior chain and posture. It was actually a patient that told me about Foundation Training. Their Youtube page has some older videos and they've started putting up more recent ones for everyone distancing at home.

· Thirdspace Movement - another local business that has a variety of movement offerings. Check out their schedule and join them live on Zoom for classes like yoga, acro, and inversions.

For those looking for massage

If you’re really aching for some hands on work, you can check out my Instagram @renee.rmt where I have been posting videos on how massage yourself as well as other self care tidbits.

I am currently working getting more massage videos out to you all so you can work on maintenance until we’re back on track with appointments!

That’s it for today. I’ll be posting another page of resources for self care tomorrow.


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