I'm Renee,
a Registered Massage Therapist


Best workday ever. 

Help your coworkers or staff access massage treatments with more ease by having the RMT come to you.

A B O U T  M E


I always knew growing up that I wanted to learn about the body. I was fascinated with what humans are physically capable of and how the body can adapt to change. I graduated from UWO with a kinesiology degree and continued on to Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy for more education which included clinical placements in sports, palliative, seniors, pregnancy, and stroke recovery settings.

Interacting with patients and trying to uncover the factors in their discomfort are what I enjoy most about being an RMT. I use a range of assessment and massage techniques to care for every person and do not rely solely on deep pressure. I am a big believer in movement and will incorporate it into my treatments as well as the self care afterwards.



What to expect at your treatment

Every treatment will begin with an assessment. I want to see how your body is moving and how it is feeling before we begin any soft tissue work. That way, we can put together a targeted plan. Make sure to wear clothes that you can move in as we may check range of motion or begin the treatment clothed.


Depending on the goals we set out and your level of comfort, the treatment may include a combination of massage techniques, joint mobilizations, reassessing, and stretching. If needed, we'll end with self care exercises to keep you moving and feeling better until the next treatment.


Be prepared to participate in your treatment!



Massage Therapy
Self Care

A combination of assessment, soft tissue work, and movement to work towards your goals of moving or feeling better.

A treatment that spends more time focused on self care strategies, including basic massage techniques you can utilize on yourself.

Onsite Massage

Bring massage therapy to your workplace.

Make access to massage easy whether it is to reward staff for their efforts or to help them prioritize their health.

Bring massage therapy to your event. With a portable massage table, RMT treatments can be brought in to surprise your customers, support your social event, or to treat athletes at a competition.


G E T  I N  T O U C H 

202-1005 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3Z6

Located in the heritage house on the NE corner of Cook and Rockland.

This location is not wheel chair accessible.

Free street parking along Rockland, Meares, Fort, and Cook st.